Face the exam with confidence; Six Habits to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Face the exam with confidence; Six Habits to Reduce Stress and Anxiety


Face the exam with confidence; Six Habits to Reduce Stress and Anxiety


As exams approach, it is common for students to feel anxious and fearful. There are many people who cannot write the exam well due to exam  stress and anxiety. Children are also affected by constant pressure from parents and teachers. Today we are going to talk about some ways to clear the exam board.


How to reduce Stress and Anxiety for the case of examination?

Here are six habits to reduce exam stress. Students can must practice it.

  1. Sleep

Sitting among books without sleep is not a good idea. Lack of sleep can increase mental stress in children. If they don’t get enough sleep, it can affect children mentally. So sleep well at night to reduce stress.

  1. Eat foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vitamin that regulates blood pressure. Studies have shown that the difference in the levels of these two causes stress. So be careful to give vitamin C rich food to children. Guava, capsicum, kiwi, broccoli, papaya and orange should be eaten in abundance.

  1. Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet is good for both body and mind. Also, drinking plenty of water will help reduce exam stress. Eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. is very good. Including these in the diet can also increase concentration.

  1. Exercise

Daily exercise is essential to maintain physical fitness and mental health. Walking, yoga, swimming and doing aerobic exercises are good. Set aside some time for exercise. Regular exercise can help reduce stress.

  1. Walking

A short walk in the morning or evening can help reduce stress. Taking short breaks while studying is great for reducing stress. A 10- to 20-minute walk with friends or family can help reduce stress and increase energy levels.

  1. Pursue new learning methods

Rather than sitting down and reading a topic for a while, it is better to visualize it. Revise what you have learned using flash cards, diagrams, etc. Approach learning with a little more fun. Doing questions and answers on the topic you have studied will help you not to forget them. Make study time more interesting in this way.


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