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Decsa is the perfect mental health service center that promotes one-on-one mental health care in a supportive and empathetic environment. Decsa is a collaboration of Kerala’s best psychology professionals, including clinical psychologists, psychologists, and other prominent faces working in the mental health field. We aim to deliver high-quality services to help needy people make sustainable and significant changes in their life. We provide offline and online services to people struggling in their lives with various psychological issues.

Mental well-being is very important for your overall health. Just like physical health, it is important for everyone to take care of their mental health as well. Mental health problems such as depression and anxiety require timely treatment to control symptoms and prevent complications associated with them. Maintaining a healthy mind starts with simple strategies like dedication to yourself and support from loved ones. Decsa Clinic helps improve your mental health and solve mental problems. Decsa Clinic offers the services of the best psychologists in Calicut.


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What We Can Offer


A person’s mental well-being is just as vital as his or her physical well-being. Sometimes, it would be difficult to maintain one’s mental health.

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Psychological counseling is a way to discover appropriate solutions to a person’s emotional challenges. During the counseling session, a Decsa expert

Decsa Services

Career Planning/Professional Training

Decsa helps students plan their career and assists job seekers in finding suitable employment and excelling in it by studying and analyzing their situations

Decsa Services


Decsa’s qualified researchers and clinicians conduct awareness seminars, workshops, orientation sessions, and training classes on mental health, psychology

Decsa Services

Industries and Organizations

Decsa has an expert team to provide psychological services for organisations, industires and companies. We assist organizations to build a productive work force

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Couple and Family Therapy

Decsa’s marriage therapy helps couples in recognising and resolving issues in relationships and improving their bonding. Couple therapy can help you make informed

Decsa Services

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