Prevent online child abuse

Prevent online child abuse

Prevent online child abuse

Find out if your child is a victim of online child abuse and deal with it.

There are some important signs to know if your child has fallen into online child abuse.

  1. 1. A state of using, desiring to use, or thinking more about an online system more often from morning to evening.
  2. Unable to self-regulate time spent using online systems. Play for hours after assuring the parents to stop the game after half an hour. A condition that gets out of control to the point of staying up all night and playing.
  3. Gradually the time of this online usage will increase. The first week it’s half an hour, then it’s an hour. And so the time comes.
  4. If they are unable to use the online system for any reason, i.e. without electricity, if they are unable to use it due to lack of net connection or mobile phone, they will show some symptoms of withdrawal syndrome. When alcohol is not available, excessive anger, anxiety, despair, sadness, and even suicidal tendencies are likely to be displayed as a part of it, like the withdrawal syndrome that occurs in severe alcoholics. Sometimes it can go to the extent of throwing things and breaking things and hurting others.
  5. These online means become the only way to get happiness by avoiding all other happy things. Children lose interest in exercising, listening to music or going outside.
  6. When it goes this way, most people understand that it’s not okay, and that it’s out of our control, but online abuse can’t be eradicated.


If a child exhibits at least three of these 6 symptoms above, then we can understand that the child is being subjected to online slavery. There are many forms of online slavery. The most important is online game addiction. Next is the addiction to porn sites (porn sites), social media addiction and many other forms of online addiction.

When a child is given a digital device, a time limit for using it should be set at the beginning. Parents should clearly determine how much time online devices can be used. Parents should also ensure that their children follow the schedule correctly.


Parental control apps

Effective use of parental control apps can help curb children’s excessive online addiction. Ardamax keylogger is a parental control app for controlling laptop usage. Once it is installed, it can control the time the child uses the laptop, and it also has a mechanism to block any site if you want to block it.

There is an app called mspy cell phone tracker for kids using devices like mobile phones. If it is installed on the mobile used by the child, the details of what the child is using the mobile for will be available as a screen shot on the parent’s mobile. But it is not desirable as it completely violates the privacy of children. So can’t suggest.

Both are paid apps. But the most affordable free apps for the general public can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Google Family Link for Children and Teens app can be downloaded to the mobile used by the child. The Google Family for Parents app can also be installed on the parent’s mobile phone and paired with the two. 3 types of controls are possible once paired.


  1. The parent can set how long the child’s mobile should be used in a day. A mobile that is set for an hour will automatically be disabled after that time limit.
  2. The mobile can also be set to unlock the device on a time-based basis. A mobile that is set to unlock 20 times will automatically be disabled after that number of times.
  3. Some sites can also be blocked. There is also a system to block gaming sites, porn sites, etc. Google Family Link is free to install. There are many parents who are unable to install such apps due to lack of knowledge about cyber devices. It can be installed with the help of someone you trust who is computer literate.


Parents spend time with their children

  • There is one thing that parents should be aware of. Parents should find time to spend at least an hour with their children. This quality time is not about scolding or blaming children. But it is time for parents to listen to what they have to say. Such opportunities help children understand what is happening in their lives. Who they are friends with, and whether their online communication is unhealthy or exploitative, can be detected early on. Parents can take the necessary interventions by understanding all that right from the beginning.

To the creative world

  • The use and addiction of mobile phone comes as something that gives joy to children. So children can be diverted to other activities that bring joy. For example, children can be strongly encouraged to spend time in healthy activities such as listening to music, exercising, letting them play, and going out with friends. Doing so will greatly reduce the risk of falling into mobile slavery.
  • Children can be made aware of how the physical and mental problems caused by excessive use of mobile phones are harmful to learning and memory.


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