Considering the current trends in the world where people are growing, aspiring, and striving to be successful in the future, parenting on the other hand is also anything that involves the very same hardest job any person ever will have to do. So, such a transition of being a couple to parents involves preparation such as physically, psychologically, and financially.Now, What is “Parenting”? Parenting is often defined as the first mode of socialisation, which is training and preparing children to meet the demands of their environments and take advantage of opportunities within those environments.



Cultural Approaches to Parenting (The Crosscurrents in Contemporary Psychology Series) M.H. (1991)., is one of the research studies by Bornstein ,in it, it was mentioned that,

“the particular and continuing task of parents is to train children culturally according to their
surroundings in the environment; to prepare them for socially accepted physical, economic and psychological situations that are characteristic of the culture in which they are to survive and thrive.Along with parenting comes the concept of attachment. It is an emotional bond that occurs between parents and their children which ensures the child’s confidence that the caregiver is available to meet his or her needs.



To understand such a fact, we can see in one of the research studies of attachment between parents and their children that was conducted by Diann M Ackard; Dianne Neumark-Sztainer;Mary Strong and Cheryl Perry, on the topic – “Parent-Child Connectedness and behavioural and emotional health among adolescents”; aimed to examine teen perceptions of connectedness between mother,father and the child. This study basically focused on valuing opinions of the parents and perception of parental communication and, caring and associations with behavioural and emotional health, reported that boys and girls value their parents’ opinion when making serious decisions and believing that their parents cared about them. However, peers who reported that their mother cared quite a bit or very much, youths who reported feeling as though their mother cared very little or not at all about them reported particularly high prevalence rates of the following issues:

i. Unhealthy weight control behaviours (63.49% girls; 25.45% boys)
ii. Suicide attempts (33.51% girls; 21.28% boys)
iii. Low-self esteem (47.15% girls; 24.56% boys)
iv. Depression (63.52% girls; 33.35% boys)

The study concluded that the perception of adolescents of low parental caring, difficulty talking to their parents about problems, and valuing their friends’ opinions for serious decisions were significantly associated with compromised behavioural and emotional health.
Many of us think that what it means to be a good parent is related to the quality time spent, for instance, at the dinner table or in front of the basketball hoop. In one of the surveys conducted by Parenting Magazine in 2002, it was founded that 95% of parents believe that their kids feel at least as loved, or more loved than they did during their growing-up years; while at the same time 75% of parents report that they are more affectionate and involved than their parents were when they were young.



Preparing for parenthood means stepping onto another planet to start a new life by giving a new life to the offspring. On the journey of becoming parents it is imperative to consider the goals of parents which are :

i. Survival: to promote the physical survival and health of their children.
ii. Economic: to foster the skill, behaviors, and capacities that the children will need for economic self-maintenance as adults.
iii. Self-actualization: to foster behavioral capacities for maximizing cultural values and beliefs.
In addition, it is also important to consider the factors that influence parenthood such as family size,religion, race, financial stability, type of conjugal-role relationships, and psychosocial aspects of sexual relations.

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