Are children overly anxious during exams? What parents need to know

Are children overly anxious during exams? What parents need to know


As parents, we want our children to achieve in school. But when it comes to exams, many students become overly anxious and can struggle to do their best. This can be especially difficult for children who already have anxiety, or who don’t do well under pressure.

It’s important for parents to recognize when their children are feeling overly anxious during exams and to help them find ways to manage their anxiety. Here are a few tips for parents to help their children cope with exam anxiety.

First, make sure your child gets enough rest and eats healthy meals. Getting enough rest and eating well can help keep your child alert and focused during exams.

Second, try to reduce the amount of stress your child feels. This can be done by helping your child create a study plan that gives them plenty of time to review the material and finish assignments.

Third, encourage your child to take breaks during their studying. Breaks can help your child stay focused and refresh their mind, so it can better absorb new information.

Finally, talk to your child about their stress and fears. Let your child know that it’s normal to feel anxious and that you are there to help them. Reassure them that they can succeed if they prepare adequately.

By following these tips, parents can help their children manage their anxiety during exams and do their best. It’s important to remember that exams are only one part of a student’s overall academic performance and that other factors such as effort, participation, and attitude have a much larger impact on success.

Anxiety is good up to a point to study well. But don’t let it lead to bigger psycho-physical problems. Excessive anxiety is a major problem seen in children. Anxiety is good to a certain extent. They can learn and perform better only if they are scared. When you look at it like this, the fear of the exam is common. Then we will see how that fear becomes a problem.

Some children are very fearful. For example, those who start showing craze for an upcoming exam. The next step is physical discomfort from this fear. With the increase of such disturbances and physical and mental problems, the child is unable to write the exam (Anxiety Disorder).


Restlessness, insomnia, difficulty continence, palpitations, shortness of breath, urinary incontinence, abdominal pain/diarrhea.


In any of the above three stages, the child can be seen by a psychologist and given the necessary counseling. Children can be saved by giving them relaxation therapy and learning techniques that make it easier to learn and remember.

What parents should do

  • There should not be an impression that once the children are sent to school, that is all.
  • Children’s behaviors, associations and learning should be carefully monitored.
  • Spend time with children like a friend. An opportunity should be prepared to tell the parents openly about anything. That way you can understand and find solutions to problems in their behavior or behavior.
  • Always try to instill in the children a strong sense of security that they are not alone but with their father and mother. In this way one can understand and find solutions to small and big problems in their character, behavior or thoughts.


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